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Ronseal called in Kirton to provide a decontamination system for cleanse borehole water

July 11, 2018

Kirton designed and built a system to remove Iron and Manganese for a paint manufacturer prior to base- exchange softening from a borehole water supply.

Most boreholes in the UK have a high level of soluble iron present and as such if it is not removed will cause staining, product impairment and if used for drinking water will be non- compliant with the EU drinking water directive.

In this application the water would have also fouled the base-exchange softening resin.

The water was contaminated with approx 2.5 – 3.0 ppm of iron and manganese with a hardness of 450 mg/lt.

The treatment plant when installed consisted of a purpose built aeration tower with sump, hypochlorite dosing, iron & manganese removal filtration and base exchange softening.

The treated water is used for preparation of ‘Ronseal Garden Products’.

The unit continually produced water less than 0.1 ppm iron, with a constant hardness of 45-50 ppm.

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