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Kirton installs train wash water reclamation system

July 30, 2018

Keeping trains and rolling stock clean is very water-intensive business consuming thousands of gallons for each wash.

Kirton were approached to provide a process and recycling system to reduce their mains water usage during daily carriage washing at three sites in the North West.

Treatment systems installed were a below ground 3-stage interceptor, pumping station, and an above ground water recycling facility.

Wash water is treated in 3 stages, firstly heavy solids are settled using our 3-stage sludge interceptor, secondly the water is passed through a cyclonic filter and finally through activated granular carbon vessels to remove any organics, and chemicals.

The installation has led to greatly reduced mains water bills, freeing up of limited fresh mains water for other site requirements and a sustainable clean water strategy in line with client’s profile.



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