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A Poultry Farm has historically relied on towns mains water, resulting in high operational costs. 

February 8, 2022


A Poultry farm that houses thousands of birds who during their growth cycle can collectively ingest up to 10,000 litres of water per hour.

The site has historically relied on towns mains water, resulting in high operational costs.  Kirton were invited to attend and explore the alternative of rainwater harvesting for poultry consumption.


The rainwater, via roofs is gathered in a fully lined lagoon, this ensures there’s no contamination from groundwater sources which could potentially contain pesticides etc from neighbouring farmland.

The stored rainwater then goes through an agitation and aeration process to help prevent algal blooms and minimise microbiological activity within the lagoon. From the lagoon, we process through our filtration system, chlorinate, then store in a sheltered tank ready to be fed to the drinking lines. Lastly, prior to the water reaching the poultry it’s passed through an ultraviolet irradiation chamber to ensure compliance.

Poultry are highly sensitive to changes in water quality, consequently the system had to be devised to deliver water which replicated the taste and aroma of the local mains water supply, so in the event of low rainfall the plant can seamlessly switch between sources without any adverse effect on welfare.

The scheme has subsequently reduced the farm’s dependency on the local mains water network, and yielded immediate savings.

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