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Kirton provides sea water reverse osmosis system for poultry processor

July 25, 2018

The processing of poultry under Islamic laws requires extensive use of fresh water which presents a major challenge in areas where water is scarce.

A UK-based halal poultry processor contacted Kirton for a solution to their consumption problems as bore well water had proved unsuitable due to high levels of iron and manganese causing pipes to internally scale up and water staining tanks brown.

Kirton’s approach was to reduce the iron and manganese levels in the bore well water to make it suitable for use in production.

Kirton designed and installed a chlorination dosing station to help precipitate the iron and manganese out of solution before filtering it out with duplex 25m3/hr Filox R media filters.

The system provides a constant flow of 50m3/hr 24hours a day other than a 10 minute backwash cycle to clear the deposited contaminants from the media surface.

The bore well pump is invertor controlled and pressure regulated to prevent system water hammer and pipework damage often associated with bore well pumps.

The poultry processor now enjoys greatly reduced mains water cost and an end to the pipe scaling and staining issues. They now have a sustainable cheap water source which is clean enough to use in the processing of poultry for the human food chain.

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