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Kirton bus wash systems

A luxury coach hire business was struggling to reduce the huge cost of washing around 100 vehicles a day. The firm needed to find a solution to recycling water to reduce bills and improve their public image by meeting the strict criteria laid out in their own environmental policy.

Kirton were approached to provide a process and recycling system to reduce their mains water usage during daily coach washing. Systems installed were a below ground 3 stage interceptor , silt traps, automatic  water recycling system and purpose built plant room.

Wash water is treated in 3 stages: firstly heavy solids are settled using our 3-stage sludge interceptor, secondly the water is passed through a cyclonic filter and finally through activated granular carbon vessels to remove any organics, and chemicals.

The result saw significant reduction in the mains water bill and the ability to divert fresh water resources to elsewhere on the site.


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