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Keeping ships and cruise liners clean is a water intensive process using up to to 6000 litres per hour. In a country where fresh water is scarce and expensive, alternative solutions are essential.

With a previous large-scale desalination project up and running in Gibraltar, we were a natural choice to design, manufacture, install and commission a smaller scale system to provide water for dockyard use. The system includes a sea water intake, pre-filtration to remove suspended solids then a high-pressure reverse osmosis system.

Kirton designed a bespoke, containerised ,full desalination plant complete with 200m3 of stored, chlorinated water which is used 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ultra-high pressure jet marine growth, anti-foul coatings and even paint from the hulls of vessels from across the world.

Gibraltar can now operate completely independently with their own desalination plant and are no longer reliant on costly state water supplies.




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