Water Recovery

Flexible Water Recovery Solutions

Our most commonly used resources for water recovery involve that of Rain Water Harvesting and Bore-hole Extractions. These will be treated uniquely based on the clients specification/requirements of water quality for process.

From small volume to industrial sized, we offer the highest quality of Bespoke Water Recovery Solutions, at a competitive price.

See our case studies for a more in-depth view at just some of our completed works. Alternatively, visit our contact page and get in touch.



  • Case Studies: Water Recovery

    Water Recovery for the Process and Drinks Industry.

Brackish Water Nano Filtration System Soft Fruit Irrigation Water

The reaction to water soluble salts, by soft fruit plants, varies among varieties, stages of growth and environmental conditions and most important, with the type of salts that they are exposed to.…

High Recovery RO in the Drinks Industry

It has been traditional to use de-mineralised water in the wines and spirits industry to eliminate interferences when product is diluted from distilled/export strength to bottle strength. With…

RO for Cooling Water Chemical and Reduction

There have been many new technologies developed over the last half century to eliminate the need for open evaporative cooling but none of them have the efficiency that straight water cooling can…

Install RO System to reduce Boiler Blowdown

The Case for Using Reverse Osmosis in Packaged Boiler Applications. There is a popular misconception that the only way to get the quality of water that is appropriate for boiler applications is to…

Cooling Water for Hybrid System

Many new installations where a high degree of cooling is required are now fitted with a system that allows the use of water for adiabatic cooling. Heat rejection is achieved by two principle modes of…

Large Water & Energy Savings with Iron Filtration & RO

A global French-Fry processor has a twin stream 2 x 25m3/hr reverse osmosis system to better utilise their available borehole water, and to ensure compliance with local discharge constraints into the…

Iron & Manganese Removal Plant

Designed to remove Iron and Manganese prior to base- exchange softening from a borehole water supply. Most boreholes in the UK have a high level of soluble iron present and as such if it is not…



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A 100m³/hour Dissolved Air Floatation Unit complete with chemical…
In some areas of the world including the UK there has been concern…

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