Recovering Water from Textile Effluent

Case Study

Dissolved Air Floatation Unit and Sludge Press

Location:  Textile Effluent Treatment Plant, East Midlands, UK
Capacity:  100m³/hr

  • The Need

    A 100m³/hour Dissolved Air Floatation Unit complete with chemical addition in the form of coagulation, flocculation and pH correction was installed at a major automotive textile company in the East Midlands in September 2008.

  • The Solution

    Restricted on discharge to the local utilities sewage works, Kirton installed the effluent treatment system which was inclusive of the DAF Unit to reduce colour, COD and BOD from their effluent.

  • The Benefits

    In conjunction with the textile processor, Kirton Engineering Ltd designed, installed and commissioned the Effluent Treatment System which is now operational 24 hours a day, 52 weeks a year.


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