Vehicle Wash Systems

Environmentally Friendly Vehicle Wash Systems

Kirton's extensive range of car & truck wash water recycling equipment has grown considerably as new technology has become available. We supply environmentally friendly and cost saving solutions for complex or simple recycling systems to suit individual budgets and requirements.





Vehicle Wash Water Reclaim Systems

We offer a range of Vehicle Wash Water Reclamation Systems, also known as Reclaim Systems. These can recycle up to 95% of the water collected in the below-ground interceptor tanks, where water is collected during the vehicle wash cycle. Reclaim variants can include additional equipment/processes such as dosing, RO cycles, Electrolysis (removal of waxes in feed water) and integration with larger pre-treatment stages for higher consumption requirements.

Product ranges can be built as standard or to suit customer requirements. We will always work with you to ensure you receive the most appropriate system for your specific needs.

  • A full reclaim system offering up to 95% savings on mains water charges associated with vehicle washing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Favourable payback on the original investment capital
  • Top up of the system only requires minimal mains water supply size (depending upon system size)

Partial systems are also available which will reuse up to 50% of the wash water.

Systems Available

Suitable for car washing (automatic and hand), commercial vehicles, buses, trains, trams

Jet Wash Systems

Choose from a range of Jet Wash systems available:

  • Power options of 110v 240v 415v 50z
  • Pressure options 1500 psi 100bar – 3000psi 200bar
  • Fitted as standard with 24 volt control, anti-leak detection and auto time delayed shut down at zero pressure which has proven to reduce maintenance costs by 75%
  • Stainless steel or mild steel with polyester finish
  • Improved high efficiency burner which is able to produce up to 150°C through a steam valve system
  • The polyethylene water tank also meets Water Bylaws regulations
  • CE Legislation compliant
  • Frost protected
  • Internal diesel tank
  • Low pressure chemical feed
  • Supplied with high pressure hose, on/off gun, lance and nozzle




GRP Plant Rooms

Kirton Engineering offer a range of GRP plant rooms which are available in a wide choice of colours and sizes, they offer an effective and speedy solution for housing recycling and wash equipment.

The housing can be readily relocated should the need arise.

Containerised Equipment

New or single use containers are used for installing large amounts of equipment not least a complete recycling system and associated wash equipment.

These systems are fully self contained and can be readily removed to other locations should the need arise. 10, 20 and 40 foot containers are available for this application and are supplied in any colour to suit individual sites.


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