Containerised Reverse Osmosis Desalination System Gibraltar

Case Study


Location:  Gibraltar
Capacity:  Containerised 1500 m³/day

  • The Need

    Kirton Engineering Ltd designed, manufactured, operate and maintain a containerised 1500 m³/day Seawater Desalination System to provide high quality drinking water to residential, hotel and apartment complexes in Gibraltar.

    The system supplies approx. 33% of the “Rock's” consumption and has been installed since 2011. Although only a system build, installation and commissioning project initially, Kirton Engineering Limited was at short notice able to offer operational and maintenance manpower which remains the current status.

  • The Solution

    The system comprises of the following processes:

    • Seawater lift pumps
    • Backwashing 200 micron strainers
    • Ultrafiltration complete with backwashing system
    • Storage and dosing systems for biocide dosing, antiscalant dosing, post mineralisation and sterilisation
    • Water storage tanks
    • Grundfos BMEX-ERI Energy Recovery System
    • RO membrane array consisting of 20 RO pressure vessels and 120 RO Membranes
    • Fully integrated Chemical CIP System
    • Final water storage tank and network distribution feed pumps
  • The Benefits

    Providing 1500 m³/day, the system utilises less than 3 kw/hr per m³ of permeate water produced. With a system recovery of greater than 40%, the unit has supplied over 1,000 ML.


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