Compact and Energy Efficient High-Pressure Pumping Stations

Case Study

Compact & Energy Efficient High-Pressure Pumping Stations

Location:  Gibraltar
Capacity:  1000 m³/hr

  • The Need

    Designed to suit a previously installed and running Desalination System, these High-Pressure Pumping Stations were desperately needed to replace four overused, costly and extremely inefficient High-Pressure Pumps used to feed multiple RO Systems.

    The pumps originally on-site had been used for approximately 26 years. Over time, they had been subject to extreme wear and tear and corrosion. As a result, they have been failing more frequently, driving the costs of maintenance to heights where continuous repair could not be justified.

  • The Solution

    Working on an already installed system opens a new set of challenges for our Design Engineers. With our compact design, we were able to ensure the Pumping Stations would sit in the same location previously taken by the high-pressure pumps whilst allowing for integration to the Pre-Treated Water Feed and RO Trains without great effort.

    The system comprises of the following:

    • Custom built steel skid encasing the pumping station. Painted to marine specifications to avoid any possible corrosion from any source on-site. The steel skid is inclusive of removable frame members for access to major instruments/equipment for maintenance.
    • Grundfos BMSX-ERI Energy Recovery System.
    • Duplex Stainless-Steel pipework, ensuring the systems longevity.
  • The Benefits

    • Providing an existing system with 60% energy recovery, by use of a Pressure Exchanger. Making it possible to downsize the High-Pressure Pump’s footprint.
    • Once installed the Client will expect an energy saving of 3kW/mof drinkable water produced.
    • Remote control, monitoring and data collection of the application and pump performance.
    • Easy integration into any water treatment system.
    • System designed within a bespoke, compact skid to accommodate client requirements and installation methods while considering access for maintenance.
    • System longevity ensured by use of Duplex Stainless-Steel pipework and fittings where required.

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