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Agriculture and Horticulture


Agriculture and farming account for a large percentage of water usage across the globe. With the acceleration of industrialisation and urbanisation, there is far more competition for the supply of clean water. Alongside this, environmental concerns are constantly increasing and the supply of safe water continues to be affected by pollution. In the future, agricultural processes can only thrive if they rely on the sustainable use of water. In answer to the continually changing demands of the world around us, Kirton provide our clients with agricultural water purification and waste water treatment services.


For our clients involved in agriculture, waste water treatment is essential in making their processes cheaper and more efficient. Our emphasis is on the recycling of water that has already been used. We aim to lessen the demand for clean water by providing a sustainable recycling process to farms. Our process for agricultural water purification ensures that farmers can continue to use the water that is necessary to their processes, but do so in a way that is efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


The key areas of agriculture that we have provided water systems for are chicken farming and fruit farming. The processing of chickens uses vast quantities of water so our solutions collect, recycle and purify the water involved meaning that it can be used again. Our approach to agricultural waste water treatment is similar in fruit farming. We are involved in the collection, purification and dosing of land water so that it can be used safely for crops in irrigation systems.


For more information about the work we do with agriculture and water systems, visit our projects page. If you work in farming and are have been thinking about ways to make your processes more sustainable, get in touch with us about how we can help with your agricultural waste water treatment.


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