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Interceptor ready for action

A 16000Litre underground waste water interceptor ready for collection from our factory.

A three-stage interceptor is a filter system which separates common oils and contaminants from waste water . The pollutants are then stored in the interceptor to be removed and disposed of appropriately.


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Water treatment for textile industry

The next time you pull on your jeans, consider this: it has taken around 500 gallons of water to make them. The textiles industry is one of the most water-intensive businesses in the world consuming around 190m cubic metres of water annually – second only to the steel industry.

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Harvesting Rainwater is a Top Priority

There is a new crop in town. It’s nothing we can eat, but it provides a vital lifeline for our planet. It’s called rainwater harvesting which, as the name suggests, collects, processes and stores rainwater from the roofs on buildings. Continue Reading

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Hand Car Washes Pose Environmental Threat

The exponential growth in car sales in India is causing a water crisis in a land already suffering from severe drought.

In cities like Karachi, 80% of the car washes are using fresh water at the rate of 45 million litres per car wash per month. With more than 3,000 car wash station the city, the public supply is losing 135 billion litres a month. Continue Reading

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Vehicle Wash Recycling Units

Three new vehicle wash recycling units leave the factory bound for a public sector customer. The units take dirty water, passing it through several special filtering and flocculation processes to return clean water to the vehicle wash system. Find out more by contacting Kirton.

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The thirst for water in brewing industry

From cultivating barley right through to bottling, there is no doubt that it takes an exponential amount of water to make beer. The UK consultancy Water Strategies estimates it takes 300 litres of water to make one litre of beer. A WWF/SABMiller study suggests ratios anywhere from 60 to 180 to one. Even during the last stages in the production process, a typical pint of beer will have taken a further six pints of water to produce it. Continue Reading

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Why UK Industries Should Care More About Water

The summer of 2018 provided a sobering example of how extreme weather is becoming the norm in the UK. After a heatwave that saw temperatures in excess of 35ºC, the hottest on record since 2015, the country was subject to heavy thunderstorms and the risk of flash floods. Such meteorological swings are not only a challenge for citizens and public service delivery bodies, but also pose a less obvious threat to industrial concerns by highlighting changes to one of the earth’s most precious resources: fresh water. Continue Reading

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New home for Kirton

Kirton has moved to larger premises as part of expansion plans following the company’s acquisition. Continue Reading

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Kirton offers free assessment of contaminated vehicle washes

Kirton is offering free assessments of vehicle wash systems where Legionnella has been discovered.

New evidences shows that Legionnaire’s Disease is more widespread than previously thought and can occur in vehicle wash systems. Continue Reading

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