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Water Treatment for the Textile Industry


Water is essential to the textile industry. Large quantities of water are used in the production process, particularly for the dying, finishing and washing of clothes. With increasing concerns about the impact of textile manufacture on the environment, this industry has been required to think more carefully about its water usage. The supply of water has also become more expensive with increased competition, meaning a growing difficulty for the textile industry to continue their processing in a sustainable way. At Kirton, we offer solutions in the form of water purification and textile wastewater treatment.


To help the textile industry reduces its water footprint, Kirton have employed a range of effective solutions for water recycling and treatment. Our systems collect, cleanse and dose any wastewater from the production of textiles so that it can be safely reused for dying and other industrial processes. Not only does this reduce your costs in sourcing a clean supply of water, but it also ensures that your industrial processes are far more environmentally friendly.


The demands of the world are changing and the way that industries operate needs to change alongside them. To ensure that you are an industry player with a sustainable manufacturing process, it is important to assess the way you use water. In order to cut costs, make processes more efficient and improve your carbon footprint, it is important to tackle the issue of water use. At Kirton, we provide our clients in the textile industry with wastewater treatment systems so that they can continue to operate to their full potential.


For more information about how we can provide wastewater solutions to those in the textile industry, take a look at our case studies. If you work in the textile industry and believe your company would benefit from water treatment solutions, get in touch with us and find out how we can help.


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