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For a number of major industries and sectors, there is an increasing need to utilise water more efficiently. The ever-demanding clean water environmental agenda, as well as the rising costs of water consumption and disposal, have led to an important opportunity for water reclamation. In response to this need, Kirton have used their experienced skill set in order to develop a range of effective industrial water treatment systems, which have since been implemented for a variety of clients operating in different areas. By collecting, treating and recycling the water used in large-scale processes, Kirton ensure that water use is safe and wastage is limited.

Both our industrial and commercial water treatment systems have proven to be an essential investment for our clients who wanted to make their water use more efficient. If your company requires a commercial water filter system for sourcing safe and clean water, Kirton have the perfect solution for you. Many of our processes use reverse osmosis technology, but we also use a much wider range of effective technologies for water purification.

Below, we have included a summary of the key aspects of water treatment involved in a range of industries. Selected case studies can also be found in our projects section.

  • Fruit Farming: We are involved in the collection, purification and dosing of borehole/land water so that it can be used safely in irrigation systems.
  • Chicken Farming: Broiler chicken processing consumes large quantities of water so it is important to recycle wherever possible. Kirton provides the means for the collection, purification and dosing of borehole/land water so that it can be used in farming operations.
  • Textile Manufacturing: The textile industry has gained a notorious profile for environmental damage and unsafe water use. To combat this image, Kirton’s processes collect, cleanse and dose any waste water so that it can be safely reused for dying and other processes.
  • Industrial Laundries: Large-scale laundries require a great deal of water for effective operation. Our industrial water treatment systems collect, cleanse and re-use water for washing.
  • Boiler Systems: Our industrial waste water treatment involves the collection, re-processing and cleansing of boiler system water to ensure optimum purity. This leads to a more efficient and reliable operation.
  • Paint Manufacture: This water treatment process involves the monitoring, purification and dosing of water so that it can be safely used for paint manufacture.
  • Frozen Potato Product Manufacturing: Potato manufacturing requires a substantial amount of water; Kirton provide a process for the collection and purification of water so that it is suitable to wash potatoes.
  • Drinks Industry: For the beverage industry, operations involve the collection of existing industrial waste water, and treatment so that it is suitable for use in beer and whiskey manufacturing.

We have a wide range of products available to suit the specific scale and process needs of your industry or business. Our depth of knowledge and experience means that we can effectively support our clients and continue to be experts within the rapidly developing market for industrial water treatment.

Would your industry benefit from more efficient water use? Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about what we do.  

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