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Water Processing


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Wherever there is an industrial or commercial process that uses water within it there is both the need for, and opportunity to, utilise water more efficiently. The ever-demanding Clean Water environmental agenda as well as the increasing costs of water consumption and disposal mean that the application opportunity is vast. In this regard Kirton has developed its legacy skill set to develop a range of products that have been implemented in a wide range of different applications. A lot of these use Reverse Osmosis technology but the offering covers a much wider range of processes, skills and products. A summary of the main areas of application is below and selected Case Studies can be found in the Project Section.

  • Fruit Farming: collection, purification and dosing of bore hole/land water to be used in irrigation systems
  • Chicken Farming: collection, purification and dosing of bore hole/land water for for use in farming operations which consume large quantities of water for broiler chicken processing
  • Textile Manufacturing: collection, cleansing and dosing for such that the water is suitable to accept a dye
  • Industrial Laundries: unit to collect, cleanse and re-use for washing
  • Boiler Systems: collection, re-processing and cleansing of system water to ensure optimum purity that ensure efficient operation and reliability
  • Paint Manufacture: monitoring, purification and dosing of bore-hole water to use in paint manufacture
  • Frozen Potato Product Manufacturing: collection and purification of bore hole water to be suitable to wash potatoes
  • Drinks Industry: collection, recovery and purification of system water forĀ beer and whiskey manufacture

We have a wide range of products available to suit the specific scale and process needs together with a depth of knowledge to most effectively support our clients and the rapidly developing market.

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