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Vehicle wash systems are at the core of our business. When Kirton was first founded in 1969, we specialised in assisting our clients with efficient and effective large-scale car wash. This particular area of expertise has remained important to us and we continue to design, build and install car wash systems for manufacturers, as well as for bus and train wash stations.

We specialise in building containerised solutions for our clients, who operate in a variety of areas. These include:

  • Manufacturers of car wash systems
  • Bus operator wash stations
  • Train operator wash stations
  • Car and industrial vehicle manufacturers
  • Large industrial sites where there is the need for high-volume water usage to clean vehicles. These sites sometimes require commercial truck wash systems.

At Kirton, we believe it is important for the vehicle wash industry to remain conscious of its water use and waste. Our commercial vehicle wash systems are focused on the reclamation of water and are comprised of:

  • Interceptors to capture waste water from the wash operation and/or to capture water harvested from natural rain or other sources.
  • Recycling units designed to the specific volume requirements of the application, including integral parts such as associated pipework and processing tanks.
  • Cleansing systems which use various filtering materials, and other processes to clean the water so that it is suitable for further use.

To date, there are over 4000 waste water reclaim units in operation, mainly in the UK. With the ever-increasing pressures on water consumption and availability, those working in the vehicle wash industry are now required to provide solutions to their extensive water use. Our commercial vehicle wash systems respond to this crisis by treating and recycling waste water. With years of experience in engineering and manufacturing quality units, Kirton provide the essential support to our clients in their mission to use water in a more efficient and eco-friendly way.

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