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Vehicle Wash Systems


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Car wash systems are the legacy core of the business which was the foundation of the business in 1969. We design, manufacture and install systems for vehicle wash stations comprising:

  • Interceptors  to capture waste water from the wash operation and/or to capture water harvested from natural rain or other sources. NB: all new commercial buildings built today have to have natural water harvesting units installed within them
  • Recycling units designed to the specific volume requirements of the application complete with associated pipework and processing tanks as an integral part.
  • Cleansing systems and processes which which utilise various media filtering materials and other processes to clean the water suitable for re-use
  • We specialise in building ‘containerised solutions’ for our clients and the main areas are;
    • Car wash system manufacturers
    • Bus operator wash stations
    • Train operator wash stations
    • Car and industrial vehicle manufacturers
    • Large industrial sites where there is the need for large volume water usage to clean vehicles

To date there are in excess of 4000 Waste Water Reclaim units in operation, mainly in the UK. With the ever-increasing pressures on water consumption and availability we have an excellent legacy experience base of engineering skills and products to provide top quality support to play a key role in the development of the Clean Water agenda


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