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There are many areas of the world where either the volume of natural water is limited, or the infrastructure to support population needs is not in place. Over the years, clean water technology companies have been involved in the extensive development of large systems in the Middle East and Australia in order to create and supply drinking water. These processes mainly use salt water sources.

Alongside this, Kirton has developed its skills and knowledge to support a number of significant drinking water projects. By using a commercial drinking water filtration system, our clean water is created from a combination of both salt water and land water. This is far more effective than simply using salt water because it increases the available resources.

We work with leading consultants and designers, as well as with the end clients, to ensure that the most effective and high-quality commercial drinking water systems are created and delivered. Our proven methods use high-quality Reverse Osmosis membranes for the drinking water system. This works in conjunction with our pre- and post-treatment and dosing methods so that we can meet the specific demands of our clients. Our capability in this area ranges from small, portable commercial drinking water units to industrial scale, bespoke desalination units.

We’ve outlined a couple of our key case studies below (more details can be found on our projects page):

  • Working with the client and specialist consultants, we designed, manufactured and installed the water desalination component of a major installation on the Isles of Scilly.
  • We installed a containerised 1500 m³/day Seawater Desalination System to provide high-quality drinking water to residential, hotel and apartment complexes in Gibraltar.

Global trends show an increasing demand for water supply to satisfy the population’s needs. This means that there will be significant requirements for effective commercial drinking water technologies and water purification techniques. At Kirton, we are continuing to invest in skills and products so that we can become a forerunner among clean water technology companies and, more importantly, be an integral part of the solution.

If you want to learn more about our work with clean water technology and commercial drinking water systems, please do get in touch with any queries.

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