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Water Treatment for the Oil & Gas Industry

As with any sector Kirton supply systems to, the Oil & Gas sector require a unique set of regulations to comply with. Our ATEX Zone II validated parts and conformity with WHO standards for drinking water, is a part of what makes us so diverse in our supply of products.

Typical systems currently installed off-shore include that of a RO Desalination System, inclusive of Pre-Treatment, fed from the sea. Followed by dosing of anti-scalant agent and biocide to avoid precipitation of calcium carbonate and to destroy polluting organics, respectively. Following remineralisation of the RO permeate water, further treatment has been used to provide a sterile water supply. As with all systems we design, processes are automated and are programmed by our specialist engineers to ensure efficient use with minimum maintenance implications. Training for on-site engineers in the operation of the system can be arranged.

All our systems are unique in design, ensuring efficiency throughout the power and cost spectrum. With the lowest management/maintenance cost possible, we will always ensure to provide the best quality of products in the industry.



  • Desalination Systems

    Achieve a reliable supply of drinkable water from virtually any salt water source.

Salt & Water Saving Counter Current Water Softeners

In some areas of the world including the UK there has been concern about excessive use of salt and water during the regeneration phase of base exchange softeners. Traditional softening involves the…

Sea Water Reverse Osmosis System Isles of Scilly

St Marys Island on the Isles of Scilly is unique in the United Kingdom being almost totally dependent on desalination of sea water to blend with groundwater supplies for the islands drinking water…

Containerised Reverse Osmosis Desalination System Gibraltar

Kirton Engineering Ltd designed, manufactured, operate and maintain a containerised 1500 m³/day Seawater Desalination System to provide high quality drinking water to residential, hotel and apartment…

Containerised RO Plant Nigeria

As part of a drinking water quality improvement strategy for Port Harcourt in Nigeria, we were awarded a contract to build two Containerised Water Treatment Systems. The project was co-ordinated by…

Using Reverse Osmosis as a Substitute for Ion Exchange

The Case for Using Reverse Osmosis as Substitute for Ion Exchange. There is a popular misconception that the only way to get the quality of water that is appropriate for boiler applications is to…

Potable Water Maker

Designed to treat 55m3/day of Sea Water to produce Potable Water to WHO Standards. Inclusive of: Chemical Dosing Duty Standby Pre-Filteration Cartridge Filtration Duty Standby High Pressure Pumps RO…

Compact and Energy Efficient High-Pressure Pumping Stations

Designed to suit a previously installed and running Desalination System, these High-Pressure Pumping Stations were desperately needed to replace four overused, costly and extremely inefficient…



Latest Case Studies

Designed to suit a previously installed and running Desalination…
A 100m³/hour Dissolved Air Floatation Unit complete with chemical…
In some areas of the world including the UK there has been concern…

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