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Water Treatment for Industrial & Manufacturing

Being a broad sector with many applications – We ensure a consistently high standard of water supply to suit your process requirements. As with all Kirton products, we ensure conformity with various discharge regulations (set by your local council) into sewage/drain lines.

Typical systems currently installed include the use of MBR treatment containing a single anoxic tank for effective denitrification. RO for removal of calcium, magnesium and other quantities within specified limits. RO concentrate disinfection and Sodium Hypochlorite dosing of the final water supply in order to maintain water sterility throughout storage and distribution. As with all systems we design, processes are automated and are programmed by our specialist engineers to ensure efficient use with minimum maintenance implications. Training for on-site engineers in the operation of the system can be arranged.

All our systems are unique in design, ensuring efficiency throughout the power and cost spectrum. With the lowest management/maintenance cost possible, we will always ensure to provide the best quality of products in the industry.



  • Water Recovery

    From rain water to bore-hole extraction, efficiently recover water across your processes.

Brackish Water Nano Filtration System Soft Fruit Irrigation Water

The reaction to water soluble salts, by soft fruit plants, varies among varieties, stages of growth and environmental conditions and most important, with the type of salts that they are exposed to.…

High Recovery RO in the Drinks Industry

It has been traditional to use de-mineralised water in the wines and spirits industry to eliminate interferences when product is diluted from distilled/export strength to bottle strength. With…

RO for Cooling Water Chemical and Reduction

There have been many new technologies developed over the last half century to eliminate the need for open evaporative cooling but none of them have the efficiency that straight water cooling can…

Install RO System to reduce Boiler Blowdown

The Case for Using Reverse Osmosis in Packaged Boiler Applications. There is a popular misconception that the only way to get the quality of water that is appropriate for boiler applications is to…

Cooling Water for Hybrid System

Many new installations where a high degree of cooling is required are now fitted with a system that allows the use of water for adiabatic cooling. Heat rejection is achieved by two principle modes of…

Large Water & Energy Savings with Iron Filtration & RO

A global French-Fry processor has a twin stream 2 x 25m3/hr reverse osmosis system to better utilise their available borehole water, and to ensure compliance with local discharge constraints into the…

Iron & Manganese Removal Plant

Designed to remove Iron and Manganese prior to base- exchange softening from a borehole water supply. Most boreholes in the UK have a high level of soluble iron present and as such if it is not…



  • Waste Water Treatment

    High quality and cost effective waste water treatment that exceeds environmental regulations.

Water Recovery for Process from Municipal Effluent

The Atacama Desert region of Chile is perhaps the driest region in the world, companies operating in this region face huge logistical problems in obtaining water of a standard suitable for ore…

Recovered Waste Water

Designed and manufactured by Kirton Engineering for an Iron Ore Extraction Company in the Middle East. Treating the concentrate stream from an existing EDR unit, the feed water TDS is in the region of…

Power Generation-Energy from Waste Industry

Feed water quality is of paramount importance in all aspects of steam raising plant at whatever operating pressure and even more so in the power generation industry. The levels of certain…

Recovering Water from Textile Effluent

A 100m³/hour Dissolved Air Floatation Unit complete with chemical addition in the form of coagulation, flocculation and pH correction was installed at a major automotive textile company in the East…

Latest Case Studies

Designed to suit a previously installed and running Desalination…
A 100m³/hour Dissolved Air Floatation Unit complete with chemical…
In some areas of the world including the UK there has been concern…

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