Water Treatment for Car, Van & Truck

As with any sector Kirton supply systems to, the Automotive sector require a unique set of standards to comply with. For example, the use of our specialist chemicals in conjunction with our proven methodology in filtration processes, guarantees the longevity of the system, it’s parts and quality of product/process water.

Typical systems currently installed include that of an Effluent Treatment System comprising of a 10,000L balance tank, mixing systems for complete and accurate control of dosing various chemicals. pH monitoring system for the discharge water to the pH correction tank. The system also includes a dosing station of coagulant/flocculent, supplying chemical to the effluent being transferred. As with all systems we design, processes are automated and are programmed by our specialist engineers to ensure efficient use with minimum maintenance implications. Training for on-site engineers in the operation of the system can be arranged.

All our systems are unique in design, ensuring efficiency throughout the power and cost spectrum. With the lowest management/maintenance cost possible, we will always ensure to provide the best quality of products in the industry.



  • Waste Water Treatment

    High quality and cost effective waste water treatment that exceeds environmental regulations.

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