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KWTS Duplex & Triplex Water Softner


Kirton KWTS automatic water softeners are a range of quality engineered units designed for the efficient production of soft water for all industrial and commercial requirements. The control versatility and wide range of options ensures that these systems can be configured specifically for customer requirements and fully integrate with all on-site equipment.

Selection of durable and proven components ensures low maintenance and long life accompanied by the highest performance levels. All softeners are supplied with pre-manufactured manifolds to ensure fast and simple installation ready for commissioning.


Normal Configuration:

Duty standby or parallel operation of vessels as selected. Water meter regeneration initiation (with external contact, e.g. from hardness monitor alarm)


Pre-assembled manifold in PVC with 2/3” BSPF connections

Electrical Requirements:

Normally 230 V, 50 Hz. With 24VAC Transformer for valve actuation
Normal power consumption varies between 10 and 340 watts depending on status

Feed Water Pressure:

Normal range under operating conditions 2 – 7 bar

Maximum Acceptable Water Temperature:

40°C at inlet.


Multiport brass valve (or Noryl depending on requirements) with 24 VAC actuators, operated by remote microprocessor controller mounted on backboard for wall or pipework mounting providing:

  • status indication
  • water use and programme information
  • alarm outputs
  • programme over-ride capability

Resin Vessel:

Polyethylene inner liner with GRP outer shell fitted with internal riser and distribution system and food grade high capacity softening resin. Typical test pressure 11 bar

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