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Our History

Desalination plant in Gibraltar

1969 Founded in 1969 as part of the Bradgate Group located in Shepshed, Loughborough, specialising in water treatment and water processing systems.

1969 Kirton’s first waste water reclaim system was installed for West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive (WMPTE), now known as Travel West Midlands/National Express

1973 The company started to branch out into industrial applications with some of the most notable installations being;

  • Cleansing of bore-hole water for paint manufacturer
  • Collection and purification of bore-hole/land water for fruit harvester
  • Cleansing of bore-hole water for frozen chip manufacturer

1973 UK national repair, maintenance and service unit set up  to give top quality support to our customer bas

1998  The company manufactured its first drinking water unit that still operates today in the Gibraltar utility company providing 1500 m3 per day of drinking water

2017 By 2017 Kirton had installed in excess of 4000 water reclaim and purification systems

2018 Early 2018 Kirton is acquired by Oxygen Partners with the plan to develop the strong product and skill platform into a bigger player in the rapidly developing Clean Water market in the UK and global economies

2018 July 2018 Kirton re-locates to new premises in Old Dalby, Leicestershire with a new 15,000 sq ft facility providing the platform for the future growth forecast


Coming from its legacy Waste Water Reclaim foundations Kirton has developed a wide range of products to suit Reclaim, Industrial and Potable water applications. Today we specialise in the design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of water treatment and water processings products that include Waste Water harvesting and reclaim, Water Filtration, Water Softening, Water Purification and use Reverse Osmosis technology in a number of its applications.

A niche area that we have developed more recently is the provision of units that can create drinking water from salt water and other ‘non-potable’ water sources.

Our scope of supply includes that of Design, Manufacture, Installation and Commissioning of the equipment based on customer specified requirements. We help our customers and their customers understand not only the financial cost and process efficiency benefits of their water usage but also the environmental advantages of operating a “Cleaner Water” operation.

We work with OEM’s, consultants and the end customer based upon the nature of the channels to market to provide top quality solutions that efficiently use a critical natural resource. To ensure that our customers get a full suite of services we have a top-quality repair, maintenance and service infrastructure that covers not only the UK mainland but our clients around the world

We’ve helped multiple industries across the globe benefit from the best water treatment technologies available. We draw on our long-standing experience and knowledge gained by working in these sectors to design, engineer and fully implement water solutions time and time again. The technical capabilities that the company have are some of the best in the sector and we work with industry leaders in developing our own systems, processes and products to match the ever-increasing demands of this critical market place

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