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Kirton offers free assessment of contaminated vehicle washes

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Kirton is offering free assessments of vehicle wash systems where Legionnella has been discovered.

New evidences shows that Legionnaire’s Disease is more widespread than previously thought and can occur in vehicle wash systems.

Most people are aware of cases of Legionnaires disease being associated with cooling towers, air humidifiers, hot and cold water services including showers in hotels and even hospitals, some of these cases resulting in singular or multiple deaths.

It is now becoming more apparent that other plant and systems containing stored water that can reach 20 deg C and can create or release a vapor, aerosol or spray during its operation, maintenance or testing could also be implicated.

Duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1999 require risk assessments and the adoption of appropriate precautions to be taken.

In the latest approved code of practice (A.C.O.P) “The Control Of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems” the Health and Safety Commission give practical guidance on the standards that must be met in order to comply with the legal requirements for dealing with the risk. This A.C.O.P applies wherever water is stored and used in a way which may create a reasonable risk of Legionellosis.

With recent amendments made to the governments ACOP (L8 publication) concerning the control and prevention of legionnaires disease, we now provide a wide range of services to meet all requirements ,such as Biocide dosing pumps/ controls,shot dosing,aeration , de-sludging, and chlorination’s of all reclaim/mains water systems and vehicle wash facilities. Please contact us for free advise and consultation.

With regard to vehicle washes and jet washes it states that all filtration and recycling equipment be maintained and disinfected in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

Kirton Water Treatment Services Limited recommends all recycle equipment and wash equipment be fully cleaned, emptied and chlorinated at least twice per annum and be continually maintenance dosed with an approved biocide treatment via an automated dosing system.

Failure to comply with any provision of A.C.O.P is not itself an offence, however that failing may be taken by a court in criminal proceedings as proof that a person has contravened the legal requirement to which the provision relates. It is then the responsibility of that person to satisfy a court that they have complied with the Code of Practice in some other way.

We strongly recommend a risk assessment be carried out in accordance with Health and Safety Commissions Approved Code Of Practice on any such water system and all recommendations be implemented and managed effectively.

Most water systems implicated with a health problem such as legionellosis result in complex restriction orders and criminal proceedings being taken against the owner or responsible person.

Kirton Water  are happy to provide advice and guidance on any concerns you may have.




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