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  • Can permit washing during water shortages
  • Complies with environmental agency requirements
  • Saves money and water
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Reduces pollution = Reduced environmental impact
  • Minimal civil work required
  • Unique modular form allows for simple system expansion
  • Suitable for all jet wash applications


Kirton Water Treatment Services have been manufacturing vehicle wash water recycling systems for over half of a century, and thousands of systems are installed worldwide. The Jet-set HCW system is designed to recycle the water from commercial washes of either roll-over or jet wash type. In addition to providing excellent water quality results within its standard operation, the Jet-set HCW range can also be specified with a RO spot free rinse to eliminate the white spotting and streaking that can appear, especially on windows. 


The jet-set HCW is suitable for all jet and pressure systems. The system consists of an above ground 3 stage interceptor, multi-cyclonic particle separation, long-life 5-micron media filters, an integrated GAC filter/ absorption vessel, storage tank and booster pump. The system can be fully enclosed if required and all controls are rated to IP55.


In some parts of the county water companies are having to restrict water use by refusing to supply water for vehicle washing or to increase the size of supply. Water companies and environmental agencies are becoming particularly concerned with the quality of effluent discharge and are placing stricter controls and discharge consent limits.  In certain circumstances either consent is not given, or effluent charges are high. Where there is no drainage available our Water Recycling System can permit the installation of vehicle washing installations as all the water is recycled. 


Water used during the vehicle washing and rinsing cycles is gathered in a small below ground collection tank. A sump pump transfers the wastewater into an above ground 3 stage interceptor. Any oil is retained by the design of the interceptor or can be removed by absorbent cellulose pads which are placed in the collection tank. All coarse or heavy material or contaminants are all collected in the first stages of the tanks. Water conditioners are often dosed to the tank to break down emulsions and improve settlement. A booster pump transfers wash water from the third stage of the tanks through the multi-cyclonic separator, through the long-life media filter to an internal GAC filter/absorption vessel All remaining particulate contaminants and chemicals are either filtered out by the media vessel or adsorbed onto the carbon. After percolating through the bed, the treated water is stored ready for re-use by the pressure or jet wash. The media beds are periodically backwashed to redistribute and improve performance of the bed. 


We have a fleet of mobile service engineers strategically placed to serve the whole of the UK and Europe.

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