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KWTS Commercial Wash

  • May permit washing during water shortages
  • Reduces water costs
  • Reduces pollution and water consumption, helping the environment
  • SPOTLESS rinse system option reduces spotting and streaking by 99% compared with mains water washing (optional extra) improves your company’s image
  • Water storage tanks included


Kirton Water Treatment Services has been manufacturing vehicle wash water recycling systems for over a quarter of a century, and thousands of systems are installed worldwide. The HC system is designed to recycle the water from commercial washes of either roll-over or drive through type. In addition to providing excellent water quality results within its standard operation, the HC range can also be specified with a RO spot free rinse to eliminate the white spotting and streaking that can appear especially on windows. The HC system is generally installed on bus and coach washing systems.


The particular system needed is specified according to the water damand of the wash machine in gallons or liters per minute, i.e. a rollover wash machine using a total of 32GPM  would need a KWTS HC 35 to match this usage, if a drive through wash is used with 45GPM consumption on the wash machine and 32GPM  consumption on the rinse cycle the KWTS HC50/35 would be specified.

Jet wash/pressure cleaner applications require on average 5-10 GPM each, so a standard KWTS HC35 can easily cope with 2-3 systems.

The KWTS HC capacities can also be specified to match larger, more powerful wash machines of any type, including partial reclaim applications.


Fabricated in stainless steel grade 304 or polypropylene, the tanks are skid mounted with a base plate to form a compact unit of either open construction or can be supplied fully enclosed with doors.


In some parts of the county water companies are having to restrict water use by refusing to supply water for vehicle washing or to increase the size of supply. Water companies and environmental agencies are becoming particularly concerned with the quality of effluent discharge and are placing stricter controls and discharge consent limits. In certain circumstances either consent is not given, or effluent charges are high. Where there is no drainage available our Closed Loop Water Recycling System can permit the installation of vehicle washing installations as all the water is recycled.

Closed Loop systems are currently the only wash installation endorsed by the environment agency as they present zero discharge to the water course.


Water used during the vehicle washing and rinsing cycles collects in the below ground interceptor tank CT or ST range. Larger particles of sediment, together with small amounts of oil or diesel washed from the vehicle and floating debris is held in the collection tank. Water is drawn from the third chamber of the collection tank and passed to the multi-cyclone which separates particles larger than 20 microns and rejects them with a small quantity of water back to the collection tank. The cleaned water in the above ground unit (HC) is then passed through the activated carbon filter which removes the detergent. The water is the drawn from the KWTS HC unit by the wash machine pump. Please note that all detergents should be of a non-ionic or anionic type, have a neutral pH at working solution strengths, and be non-concentrate.

For Jet Wash applications an advanced media filtration vessel will be necessary to protect the actual jet wash unit.

All wash systems gain and lose water from rainfall ingression and water being carried away on the vehicles

Any surplus water in the system is automatically transferred and stored in our water management tanks. It is then fed back into the system as water is lost instead of topping up with towns mains water.

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