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Breweries and Distilleries


Water is heavily involved in every step of processing for breweries and distilleries. The reduction of water use has become a key aim for these industries, particularly with the increase in environmental consciousness and higher competition for water. In order to tackle the growing water usage issues in the beverage industry, Kirton provides effective systems for distillery and brewery wastewater treatment, ensuring that our clients can continue their daily processes in an eco-conscious fashion.


It is essential that the water used in the manufacture of beer and spirits is clean and safe. That’s why our state-of-the-art water recycling systems are the perfect solution for treating distillery and brewery wastewater. Treating and reusing wastewater is one of the most effective ways that the beverage industry can improve efficiency and keep costs down. Your wastewater doesn’t have to contribute to increasing environmental issues; with Kirton, you can treat, recycle and create a more sustainable process. We understand the water is a necessary part of these industries and we are constantly testing methods to improve the way water is used.


For the brewing industry, Kirton’s operations involve the collection and treatment of existing brewery wastewater. We then treat the water so that it is suitable for use in beer and spirit manufacturing. The treatment process in distilleries is typically demineralisation. However, at Kirton, we use a whole range of technologies for our water treatment, depending on the situation. Our main aim with the beverage industry is to prevent an excessive amount of water consumption and allow our clients’ processes to become more efficient.


To find out more information about how we treat brewery and distillery wastewater, take a look at our projects page. You can also contact us if you want to discuss our water treatment processes and systems in more detail. If you’re working in the beverage industry, we can help you use water more sustainably.


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