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Kirton joins Car Wash Association

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Kirton Water Treatment Services has joined the Car Wash Association to lend its support to the body’s lobbying efforts to prevent upregulating car wash operators from continuing to pollute the environment.

There are 38 million vehicles in the UK requiring washing with total car washing in the UK for all types of washes accounting for £1 billion turnover.

However, current legislation and environmental regulations tend to be ignored by most unregulated hand car wash businesses often with illegal employment conditions and unfair business practices forcing compliant car washes to close.

Pollution caused by car wash effluent through car wash solids and chemicals pose a serious threat to our environment and are key issues that the CWA addresses and lobbies against by collaborating with UK government to ensure enforcement and compliance.

The association provides advice and support to our members so that they are armed with all the information they need to offer a range of high quality car wash and valet facilities that meet all relevant industry regulations, to run a legitimate and well managed car wash business.

Jon West, managing director of KWTS, said: “A major part of our business is dedicated to providing treatment systems for car washes, it is only right that we support the trade body that represents bone fide operators.”

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