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Introduction – Water Treatment & Recycling

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Kirton is a well established name in the water industry with over 50 years experience in engineering bespoke water purification equipment and service solutions from our manufacturing base in Melton Mowbray. 

Using numerous filtration technologies, many different types of water systems have been designed, manufactured, and installed over the years for applications such as car-wash re-use, grey water recovery for agriculture, desalination plants for drinking, & borehole treatment for food processing.   

The aim is to provide a high level of expertise and workmanship, delivering fit-for-purpose bespoke water systems on time and to budget that last for years to come.

Here are some of the areas we can help with:

•           Reverse Osmosis plants (RO Water) including upgrading, repairing, and servicing

•           Multi-media filtration & Iron removal

•           Water Softeners, Ion Exchange cylinders & Carbon Filters

•           Rainwater Harvesting System

•           Borehole systems

•           Wastewater & Effluent treatment plants including MBR, DAF, Screening, pH correction & UF filtration

•           Demineralisation, Deionised & EDI units

•           Desalination Systems (Sea Water)

•           Chlorine Dioxide Generators

•           Electro-chlorination Systems

•           pH Correction Systems

•           Oil Separation and remediation

•           Leachate treatment

•           Pump Booster sets

•           Tanks and Storage Solutions

•           Vehicle wash and recycle systems including jet washes, car washes for cleaning all types of vehicles

•           Servicing of equipment & breakdown call outs

•           System Chlorination’s

•           Chemicals, Spares, Membranes, & other consumable parts

We have a nationwide network of service specialists who can attend site and complete a full diagnostic report on all existing equipment to either improve, refurbish, or offer a new more cost effective solution. 

With the cost of water, tankering away, increasing at an alarming rate and discharge consent levels for rivers, drains & sewers being closely monitored by the EA ,the need for recycling has never been more imperative.

You can contact us here with any questions, enquiries or if you’d like a free survey and cost saving analysis. 

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