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Industrial Waste Water

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The UK faces a real challenge ahead in the form of wastewater compliance, regulatory changes, and equipment/ infrastructure replacement. The nation’s pipes, pumps and treatment plants are straining under this mounting pressure. Whether it’s a sudden downpour, a new commercial development, or an unexpected pollutant showing up in the wastewater, utilities are having to adapt their procedures and systems to meet these ever-shifting demands.  

The scarcity of water resulting from economic and population growth is considered a genuine fear for humanity, and is now an undisputable constraint for sustainable development. There are limited options to confront the challenges of our freshwater shortage problem; these routes include:

  • Desalination
  • Water conservation efforts
  • Recycling and reuse of process and wastewater
  • Rainfall infrastructure projects

Here at Kirton, we look to monitor, adapt and innovate new systems to recycle & reuse marginalised sources of water. We provide a full range of focussed water treatment technologies from small scale systems up to full turnkey tailored projects. A partnership with Kirton secures our expertise and will help you realise an effectual, practical solution for your water and wastewater treatment requirements.

A full-scale turnkey project we managed for a major poultry producer is a prime example – due to tougher restrictions being made compulsory by the EA, the company had to act. The wastewater being produced by the processing facility was untreated and unsuitable for discharge to the local drain. We were approached to design and engineer a solution to treat the effluent, ensuring it met with consent levels so discharge to a local stream was possible. The system has now been in successful operation for 18 months, generating significant savings with a speedy return on investment for the end client.

To see how Kirton can support you and to discuss the benefits of our combined technologies please contact us here.

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