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In a world where water quality and usage is at the top of the environmental agenda, Kirton design and build state-of-the-art solutions that help industrial, commercial and domestic clients use water safely, more efficiently and in compliance with ever increasing legislation. We strive to provide advanced water treatment technologies to assist our clients who are working in sectors which use large quantities of water in their processing. With almost 50 years of experience in water treatment and reclamation, we are experts in the field and are committed to constantly developing new clean water solutions.

Full range of water treatment solutions


Kirton’s services range from creating effective vehicle wash systems, which assist with the cleaning of trains and trucks, to large-scale water processing for various industrial sectors. We supply a full range of water treatment and recycling systems, as well as providing our clients with service and maintenance of their equipment during the period following an installation. Using advanced technologies, including reverse osmosis and nanofiltration to treat and recycle water, we are able to reduce wastage and ensure that the water used for industrial and commercial purposes is safe and within regulations. As well as our involvement in industrial water processing, we are also committed to the development of new methods to create and supply clean and safe drinking water. This is particularly important in areas of the world where the availability of good-quality water is limited.


Maximising efficiency by recycling water


Whether you are in agriculture or the textiles industry, we know that the appropriate use of water is essential to keeping both processing costs and your ecological footprint to a minimum. That’s where Kirton come in; our innovative clean water technologies ensure that your industry is maximising efficiency by recycling water wherever possible. While the demand for safe water and environmental awareness grows, Kirton remains dedicated to the creation and execution of effective clean water solutions. Our water treatment and reclamation systems are guaranteed to keep costs down while ensuring that your industry is seen as committed to limiting environmental damage. Water is an essential resource and, here at Kirton, we want to ensure that we continue to provide our clients with the clean water that they require to operate successfully.





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